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11 Handy Doughnut Accessories & Gadgets

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Everybody loves donuts. Having them every day may not be healthy but if you are making them once in a while, you can use these donut accessories and tools to help you enjoy the process:

VonShef Mini Doughnut MakerVonShef Mini Doughnut Maker: this little machine lets you make 12 doughnuts in minutes. It has automatic temperature control.

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Doughnut Warming Coffee Mug

Doughnut Warming Coffee Mug: an innovative mug made of porcelain with a lid that uses heat from your coffee to keep your doughnut warm.

MONO’s Automatic Injector for Doughnuts: this machine is capable of filling up to 1200 doughnuts, cakes, and other pastries per hour.

Katoot Batter Dispenser: a handy tool that helps you make and decorate your doughnuts with less effort.

Carnival King DFC1800 Funnel Cake, Donut Fryer: fries 3 funnel cakes at once with 25lb capacity. It has a temperature range of 200 – 370 degrees.

Commercial Automatic Donut Maker: a stainless steel machine that makes 3 styles of doughnuts. It has a high output of 500 -1200 per hour.

Wotefusi Donut Frying Machine: a commercial machine that can handle 500 pieces of doughnuts per hour. You can use it for molding, blanking, and frying.

Manual Donut Maker: this tool makes stirring and pouring batter easy. Simply fill the container, work the handle, and pour.

Comstock-Castle Flat Bottom Fryer: has 36lb capacity. This gas fryer has a stainless steel tank and 4″ adjustable legs. It deliver 75000BTU output.

COZOC Donut Heater/Proofer Cabinet: this cabinet allows you to proof baked goods and let them rise before baking. It has a thermostat and humidity from 30 to 95%. It has pan capacity of 18 pieces.

Belshaw Adamatic Donut Finishing Center: a finishing table with 3 large radiant-air heated bowls for icings and 4 unheated bowls for sugar, sprinkles, or other finishes.

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